51.Mary Montoya(non-registered)
Hi Jimmy,

I met you with my family this morning as we enjoyed watching the owls. I spent a good deal of time viewing your amazing photos. What a talent you are! Thank you for sharing...I feel so blessed!

--Mary Montoya
50.Libre Por Decision Propia(non-registered)
The Natural vidios
49.teresa montelongo(non-registered)
48.Libre Por Decision Propia(non-registered)
I like you pictures
47.Terri Childress Vandehey(non-registered)
I am a wolf lover your photo's are amazing I so pray we can save our wolves they have the right to live and run free!
46.Lynda Squires
There are no words to be spoken to describe the magic in each and every one of the photographs you have shared with us. One can only wish that the US will change their outlook on protecting these mystical creatures and not destroy them forever.
45.Judith Conning(non-registered)
Hi Jimmy - met you in Yellowstone this year. Just had a look at your images for February 2014 and can't believe we were there at the same time. Absolutely amazing shots - just love those wolves and the beaver is gorgeous. I did a get a few good images but not what I was hoping for. Maybe next time....
44.Marichal Claude(non-registered)
Superbe photos,merci et A+.
43.Carolyn Knoll(non-registered)
What a beautiful animal!! Thank you for making sure '06 is remembered!! Her spirit remains for all of us because of your beautiful photos. Thank you!!
So sorry to read about this wonderful animal. I detest hunting and will never understand what is in the mind of those who enjoy this so called sport. Long live the wolf !
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