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Shot Dead - 12/06/12

At the time of her death, Yellowstone's '06 Female was the most famous, most photographed, most beloved wolf in the world.
I first photographed her when she was two years old. She was out on her own and had just made her first known solo elk kill. This was a unique accomplishment for any two year old wolf or any wolf for that matter, male or female. Since then she had gained the attention of wolfwatchers from around the world. Her independence, intelligence, and leadership set her apart. She was my favorite. I will miss her the most of all the wolves that have gone before.

You can read her Obituary in The New York Times here:

It is hard to digest the ignorance that has led to this tragic event. The reckless, irresponsible stewardship of these missrepresented animals is unacceptible.

To help transition from mourning her death, to celibrating her life. I have partnered with renowned guitarist John Sheldon who has written a beautiful piece in tribute to her memory titled, "Wolf 06".

"I wanted to make a tribute. I'll never know if I connected to some great wolf spirit, or just the wolf spirit in me, but what's the difference? The piece is my offering to wildlife and wolf lovers of the world. It's what I have to give." – John Sheldon, Composer of "Wolf 06"

It is now the soundtrack to the slideshow.

I have also added thirteen previously unreleased photos to this gallery.

In addition, I have made a post on my blog about my experience with the '06 Female over the years, and since her death. I invite you to take a read.

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Thank You All for your heart felt comments!

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Guestbook for In Memory of '06 Female Wolf / 832f / She Wolf
85.Mary Anderson(non-registered)
As they unleash their hounds onto our wildlife here in WI, I once again wandered over to your page so I could be moved to weep for the creatures in their path. This is not my world any more. They won't be satisfied until it's all gone with nothing left to gain. My heart cannot bear what my eyes see or what my mind knows. True despair.
84.peggy davis(non-registered)
Thank you for the beautiful awe inspiring photos. After hearing the NPR story of 06's life story,a brilliant, unique, intelligent female wolf and pack leader & indeed a special wolf in her wilderness habitat I am more inspired by the Wolf and stronger advocate for Wolf protection in our Nation.
Your photos are needed to accompany the story of the Wolfs; words alone are powerful yet the image of a Wolf in its natural habitat impact can be impressive.
My concern, as always, is the words and images do not touch the people intent on killing wolves. Nothing can stop or change their hearts or minds unless they want to make a change within their spirit, their nature.
Humans have and continue to destroy the habitat of all wildlife, the Wolf is only one and I don't want to loose this proud, intelligent creature with strong family instincts. Humans can learn much from the Wolf Pack.
I, too, just heard the story on NPR and was moved. Thank you for sharing 06's story and amazing pictures so even those of us that just "discovered" her can appreciate the wolves' fragile existence. Michigan began hunting wolves last year and there are many of us opposed to the the brutality that some call a sport. Hopefully, an initiative will be placed on the 2014 ballot that will reverse this horrific practice.
Heard the NPR story about this amazing creature and just had to see her. She is truly stunning. Lovely set of photos. The whole story re-emphasizes the disdain I have for the continual fiddling and failure of mans influence on an otherwise fine set of natural laws.
81.irene sette(non-registered)
Thank you for these wonderful photos and for sharing them. I still am sadden by her death. she had a wonderful life, and was magnificent. I is so sad that a killer took her life, and took her from all of us. The wilderness and the world loss such a fantastic creature all to a cold hearted killer collecting a trophy.
Her lost is my strength, and I will continue to honor her life, and moun her death. I will keep fighting to protect wolves, and pray that the dat wil come when all of them can run free from man. Thank you again
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