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This gallery features my latest work that does not appear in specific trip galleries. These photos will also appear in their appropriate gallery, i.e. Bob Cats, Landscapes, Raptors, etc.. New photos will rotate in and out as time goes on.

All animals in this gallery, are free roaming wildlife.

** All photographs in this gallery are copyright protected and may not be copied, screen grabbed, clipped, or used in any way without written permission from Jimmy Jones Photography. **

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Figeater BeetlePraying MantisKatydid Bush NymphFritillary, Gulf Agraulis vanillaePraying MantisPraying MantisBuckeye ButterflyPraying MantisKatydid Bush NymphLeast Skipper ButterflyFigeater BeetlePraying MantisBuckeye ButterflyPraying MantisPraying MantisFunnel SpiderKatydid Bush NymphFritillary, Gulf Agraulis vanillaePraying MantisKatydid Bush Nymph

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Tom & Jeanie Bryant(non-registered)
We love looking at your pictures Jimmy! They are beautiful!! You always get such amazing shots!!!
Ana Luisa Luque M(non-registered)
Great photos.
Keith Growden(non-registered)
Awesome photo's Jimmy. Really enjoy looking at them.
Linda & Larry Rabe(non-registered)
Always amazing how you can capture such beautiful shots. We really do enjoy them.
Ana Luisa Luque M(non-registered)
Beautiful photos!!!
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